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  • Orthodontic Lingual Brackets STB  018

Orthodontic Lingual Brackets STB 018

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Lingual Brackets.

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  • Orthodontic Lingual Brackets 018
    Lingual Brackets:
    With more number of patients who needs orthodontic treatment special aesthetic demand poses a great challenge for the orthodontist. To overcome the aesthetic dmands of patients, lingual brackets have been introduced in orthodontics as an ultimate solution.

    Rhomboid shape of anterior brackets have been designed to increase the interbracket distance.
    Premolar brackets have been elongated mesiodistally for better angulation & rotational control.

    Facial surfaces of teeth are not damaged from bonding, debonding and adhesive removal.
    Decalcification from plaque retained around labial surfaces.
    Facial gingival tissues are not adversely affected
    Position of the teeth can be more precisely seen when their surfaces are not obstructed by brackets and arch wires.
    Facial contours are truely visualized since the contour and drape of the lips are not distorted by protruding labial surfaces.
    Tongue thrust habits are easily managed too
    Easy for mandible positioning therapy too.
    Intrusion of anterior teeth
    Maxillary arch expansion
    Distalization of maxillary molars
    1. Beggs Lingual Brackets:
    These brackets are used in Beggs System in the Unipoint Combination bracket, with the slot oriented in occlusal direction.
    Unipoint bracket has a "Gingival Wing" to place elastic modeules on continuous elastic chains 2. Conceal Brackets 3. Stealth Brackets: Compact size and smooth contours for increased patient comfort & better hygiene
    Full wire control with increased function
    An anterior vertical slot from anteriors through first molars yiels expanded versatility and treatment options
    Reduced mesiodistal dimensions means greater interbracket distance.
    4. STB (Scuzzo- Takemoto- Bracket):
    Most advanced lingual brackets technology
    Incredibly comfortable for patients
    Minimal impact on tongue and speech
    Utilises passive self - ligation design that dramatically reduces friction, and delivers lighter forces.
    ADVANTAGES OF STB (Scuzzo- Takemoto- Bracket):
    Flossing is easier as the archwire is farther from the lingual surface and incisal edge.
    Mesio-distal width of the bracket is smaller , allowing inter-bracket distances
    Rotations can be more easily accomplished as the archwire can be tied tightly to the bottom of bracket slots.
    Torque control is improved
    5. Phillippe lingual self - ligating brackets:
    Slots are not available with only first & second order movements are possible.
    6. Forstadent 3D Brackets
    7. ADENTA Germany Hatto Loidl
    8. Polyceramic Self Ligating Brackets
    • High quality alloy
    • Easy to use & place for the operator
    • Mesh work for better adhesion on tooth structure
    • All in one lingual orthodontic bracket kit
  • Kit of 20 Brackets (5 X 5) with buccal tubes for teeth 6&7.
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