• Gc Dry Mouth Gel

Gc Dry Mouth Gel

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Dry Mouth Gel

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  • GC Dry Mouth Gel is designed to ease the symptoms of dry mouth for patients who may be suffering from impaired production of saliva due to medications, radiation treatment or diseases that can damage the salivary glands. This product provides a protective coating for teeth and oral tissue. This pleasant-tasting, sugar-free product is available in five delicious flavors (raspberry, fruit salad, mint, lemon and orange).

    Possible causes of dry mouth include:

    • Dehydration from physical activity
    • Mouth breathing or smoking
    • Dehydration from high intake of caffeine or alcohol (e.g. coffee, energy drinks)
    • Neutral pH
    • Five delicious flavors (raspberry, fruit salad, mint, lemon and orange)
    • Ease of use
    • Relief for people experiencing dry mouth
  • Expiry date: 2020-08-24

    • 1 x 40g(35ml) Tube 
    • Safe to swallow
    • Pleasant taste
    • Simple finger application
    • Can be used by denture wearers, children, and etc.; anyone experiencing dry mouth symptoms
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