• Dentsply Therma prep 2 Kit for Thermafil

Dentsply Therma prep 2 Kit for Thermafil

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Dentsply Thermaprep 2 Kit for Thermafil

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  • Dentsply Thermaprep 2 Kit for Thermafil

    ThermaPrep Plus has been replaced by DENTSPLY Maillefer’s new Thermaprep2 oven. The Thermaprep2 oven includes significant improvements, particularly with its technical functions, cleaning function and updated design.

    Thermaprep2 can be used in conjunction with all DENTSPLY Maillefer Obturators: WaveOne, ProTaper Universal, and Thermafil.

    The Thermaprep 2 Oven is specifically designed for heating WaveOne, ProTaper and ThermaFil obturators. The obturators are heated to the optimal temperature with a built in timer indicating when the obturators are ready for placement.


    • Highly flexible plastic carrier pin with 4% conicity
    • Longitudinal grooves along the central plastic core to facilitate revisions
    • Depth marking
    • Warm gutta-percha "alpha-phase"
    • THERMAFIL VERIFIER: Optimal verification of the taper of the root canal and easy selection of the correct obturator
    • Presence of a plastic carrier pin in the center of the root canal filling
    • More than 20 years of successful clinical experience with THERMAFIL
    • Over seventy five scientific publications confirm the reliability of the THERMAFIL root canal filling process
    • Available in sizes 20 to 140
    • Heating time of heating unit THERMAPREP 2 = 15 seconds
    • Heater: Maintains the heating temperature over a period of 3 minutes
    • Three-dimensional root canal filling
    • Excellent apical and lateral canal closure (warm gutta-percha to the root tip)
    • Simple filling of long, curved and narrow root canals
    • Time saving
    • Easy to use (steep learning curve)
    • Good filling of the entire root canal system with gutta-percha
    • Flexible plastic carrier pin with a conicity of .04
    • Longitudinal groove along the central plastic part for easy revision
    • Silicone stopper as depth markers

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