• Dentsply Enhance Finishing Systems Kit

Dentsply Enhance Finishing Systems Kit

Product Code : HDDT000242
Composite finishing and polishing kit

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  • The Enhance¨ Composite Finishing & Polishing System is designed for use in the finishing of anterior and posterior composites or any other area that requires finishing. It consists of single use silicon points, cups and discs. For finishing the surface of composite restorations and Prisma¨ Glossª Polishing Paste for final polishing.

    YouÕre just a single step away from a smooth, contoured surface. 
    ¥ Fast, easy finishing 
    ¥ One component achieves both intermediate and final finishing 
    ¥ WonÕt harm surrounding enamel 
    ¥ Over 25 years of proven clinical success

    At DENTSPLY Caulk, our restorative solutions shine for dentists. With the Enhance¨ Finishing System, youÕll find an easy, dependable and controllable method for achieving natural looking, high-gloss restorations. Surface roughness testing proves that the composite surface is smoother when Enhance¨ Finishers are used after gross contouring with a bur. As pressure is applied, abrasive particles disengage from the Enhance¨ cup, disc, or point to effectively buff the surface of the restoration. The result is a smooth, contoured surface that is pre-polished and thus more resistant to plaque retention and staining.

    Enhance¨ Finishers are available in 3 shapes to handle a variety of clinical applications: 
    ¥ Enhance¨ Finishing Cups are ideal for cervical and proximal line angle areas as well as molar cusps 
    ¥ Enhance¨ Finishing Points are ideal for posterior occlusal and concave lingual surfaces 
    ¥ Enhance¨ Finishing Discs are ideal for facial surfaces and incisal edge contouring


    The Enhance Finishing System Kit includes 

    • 20 Enhance¨ Finishing Discs
    • 10 Enhance¨ Finishing Points
    • 10 Enhance¨ Finishing Cups
    • 1 Prisma¨ Gloss ª Composite Polishing Paste
    • 1 Prisma¨ Gloss ª Composite Polishing Paste extra-fine
    •  Enhance¨ Finishing Cups Box of 30
    •  Enhance¨ Finishing Points Box of 30 
    •  Enhance¨ Finishing Discs Box of 30
    •  Enhance¨ Polishing Cups
    •  For the use with Prisma¨ Glossª Polishing Paste.
    • 100 pcs. + 1 Mandrel
    •  Metal Mandrel for Enhanceª Polishing Cups
    • (3 pcs.)
  • Expiry date: 2020-08-28

  • 1 Kit:

    • 20 Enhance® Finishing Discs
    • 10 Enhance® Finishing Points
    • 10 Enhance® Finishing Cups
    • 1 Prisma® Gloss ™ Composite Polishing Paste
    • 1 Prisma® Gloss ™ Composite Polishing Paste extra-fine
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