• Advanced Biotech Hemocoll

Advanced Biotech Hemocoll

Product Code : HDBI000040
Absorbable Sterile Fibrillar Collagen Wound Filler – Hemostatic Agent.

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  • Hemocoll is an absorbable sterile fibrillar collagen wound filler for meeting the demands of dental surgery
    It is non toxic & non pyrogenic in nature and is constituted using high purity type-1 reconstituted collagen
    It can be used in extraction sites & biopsy sites.


    Controlls bleeding and stabilizes blood clots (with in 2 to 5 minutes)
    Protects wound bed
    Helps in regeneration of lost tissue
    Resorbable in 3-4 weeks
    Faster healing process
    • Hemostatic agent
    • Control bleeding and stabilizes blood clots
    • Protects wound bed
    • Helps in regeneration of lost tissue
    • Resorbable in 3-4 weeks
    • Faster healing process
    • Available in form of dry fibrillar collagen
    • Individual pack size of 2.5 ml & 5 ml sterile
  • Expiry date: 2020-08-20
  • 1 vial.
    • Surface to be treated should first be compressed with dry gauze, remove the gauze carefully, and immediately cover the surface with Hemocoll.
    • The amount required will depend on the force applied and severity of the bleeding
    • It is necessary to apply moderate pressure over the Hemocoll with dry gauze.

    • The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas.
    • Store at ambient temperature ( 4 to 40 degree C or 39 to 104 degree F)

  • Hemocoll is not to be used on infected or contaminated wounds.
  • Not intended for use in treating systemic coagulation disorders.
  • Do not store above 32 degree C (90 degree F).
  • Discard all open and un used dressing.
  • Do not attempt to resterilize.
  • Safety in pregnancy not established.
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